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Founded in 1998, we are the unique factory of residential, industrial and sectional doors in Mexico.

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Why Choose Us?

Precios Competitivos
The most competitive prices in the market: our volume and manufacturing quality allow us to handle the price that best suits your budget.
Grandes Medidas
Custom manufacturing of gates and walls for industrial buildings up to 30 ft wide at any required height.
Entregas a tiempo
Unbeatable delivery times and excellent conditions.
Ingeniería Propia
That eliminates the need of discontinued or limited components abroad.
Cobertura de Mantenimieto
Total coverage for maintenance service and correct operation.
Disponible para todo México
Nationwide coverage in México and Texas.
Garantía de 10 años
10 years limited warranty in selected products.


Prefabricated elevation system, insulated or hollow, with great flexibility in its dimensions and movements, with various types of elevations. Ideal for industrial and commercial buildings.


Prefabricated elevating system, insulated with stripes or plaid, with great dimensions and movements flexibility, as well as many types of elevations.

Guaranty of Quality is what we offer.

Material de Primera

First class materials

High quality custom made doors tested in all climate conditions to ensure firts class products al a convenient price.

Resistencia a la Intemperie

Weather Resistance

Built to last materials, high-quality finish and exceptional hardware, HS doors are characterized by a special design and conception to withstand inclement weather.

Portones Antipellizcos

Anti-Pinch Door System

Designed in the joint between panels, our anti-pinch door system prevents accidental finger and hand entrapment during the open/ close cycle of the door.