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Residential Sectional Doors

Product Description

Prefabricated elevating system, insulated with stripes or plaid, with great dimensions and movements flexibility, as well as many types of elevations. They come in smooth texture or wood, snow color.

Characteristics of Our Doors


  • High specification. Oven pre-painted galvanized steel.
  • Polyurethane insulating injected, environmental friendly that offers efficiency for all weathers.
  • Vertical and horizontal gauge guides 14.
  • 14 gauge industrial grade hardware.
  • Nylon Bearings.

Optional Parts and Accessories

  • Bracket and security cable.
  • Perimeter seal.


Frame Width (mts) Width (pies)
3 2.40 a 2.69 7.10 a 8.8
4 2.70 a 3.59 8.9 a 11.9
5 3.60 a 4.19 11.9 a 13.8
6 4.20 a 4.79 13.9 a 15.8
7 4.80 a 5.39 15.9 a 17.8
8 5.40 a 5.70 17.9 a 18.8

Door Styles


Checkered Insulated Door

Classica Model (door-classica)


SMOOTH insulated door

FINESSE Model (finesse-door)

Guarantee of Quality thas what we are.

Material de Primera

First class materials

High quality custom made doors tested in all climate conditions to ensure firts class products al a convenient price.

Resistencia a la Intemperie

Weather Resistance

Built to last materials, high-quality finish and exceptional hardware, HS doors are characterized by a special design and conception to withstand inclement weather.

Portones Antipellizcos

Anti-Pinch Door System

Designed in the joint between panels, our anti-pinch door system prevents accidental finger and hand entrapment during the open/ close cycle of the door.

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Total project engineering

Avoid subcontracting engineers or architects. We have a team of professionals in charge of the design and engineering of your project, free of charge.


Complete Manufacturing

With us you have the guarantee and security that your project will be completely state-of-the-art, with high manufacturing quality, since we are also the manufacturers of the panels.